In a mythical land, where legends are tangled with the story under a blue sky, surrounded by emerald waters and hidden destinations in its inland, where history creates a chill of mystery and emotion, hospitality is sacred.

The land of Thesprotia is the land with wild beauties, hard but green, with high and steep mountains but also beautiful plains and rivers full of legends, with towering canyons ending in the turquoise embrace of the Ionian Sea. Historical monuments tell the life of the place over the years.


Many are also the paths that allow you to explore and discover its idyllic landscape either by hiking or by cycling for mountain bike enthusiasts.

In addition, you can rent sailing boats and sailing, water skiing, windsurfing with the possibility of renting equipment and training and many more water sports on special organized beaches.

Finally, the ideal choice for every visitor is the rental of a motor boat from the port of Plataria which does not require the possession of any navigation diploma.

This gives everyone the opportunity to see and experience the magic of the landscape of the coastline, to explore and discover magical places where the greenery of nature is lost in the blue of the sea, to go to new beaches where one cannot approach the road, swim in crystal clear waters and also tour the natural caves that exist in many coastal areas of the area.

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