In a country where hospitality goes back to the era of Xenios Zeus, hospitality is sacred. Historical monuments narrate the life of the country in the years passing by deleting both the new course. Byzantine monuments, archaeological sites, monasteries, churches, traditional villages are just some of what you can visit in the area. Plataria is an ideal base for exciting excursions and visits to historical and natural monuments of Epirus and sites with tourist interest, such as the archaeological sites of Necromantic of Nikopol, Dodona, Parga Acheron River, Souli, islands Paxos, Corfu and other nearby or distant getaways as Metsovo, Zagorochoria and Tzoumerka.

The residential complex Allsaints – Villas is the best base for summer holidays in Epirus combining summer vacation along with educational excursions to nearby archaeological sites and attractions of Ipeiros.