Plataria Beach in Plataria Thesprotias.

Beach is located right next to the homonymous beautiful village in ideal place. A large, approximately 1.5 km, sandy and shallow beach with clear water. During the summer months it attracts many people both from Igoumenitsa and from other destinations as well is in a central, easily accessible location. The main marina of Plataria makes the beach unique as each year welcoming many of boats and yachts! Also along the beach you will find many fish restaurants renowned for their fresh fish and cafes to enjoy a coffee or a snack! Finally it should be noted that there is ample space for parking!

Red Rock Beach in Plataria Thesprotias

 Red Rock beach is located just before Plataria. You will encounter going from the old road Igoumenitsa – Plataria’s. A very pretty typical beach as it consists of two small coves where you can enjoy swimming. Her name owes from the red rocks surrounding the beach. It attracts many young people as it has a bar which operates during the summer months and offers sun beds and coffee, drinks and various snacks. Finally worth to mention that you can find parking for your car. In any case worth a visit!


Kalami Beach in Plataria Thesprotias.

Kalami beach is the second meet after Igoumenitsa towards to Plataria. A small and quiet beach surrounded by greenery! At the same place you will find the homonymous camping. The beach consists of fine pebbles and the water is cool! Also you can enjoy your coffee or a snack on the sun beds offered by the camping services and beach bar. Finally worth noting that provides enough parking space for your car.

Cat Beach in Plataria Thesprotias

Cat beach is the first you meet after Igoumenitsa towards Plataria. A small beautiful beach surrounded by greenery and cliffs that make it one of the most picturesque areas! The beach consists of pebbles and the water is crystal clear and clean! Also you can enjoy your coffee or a snack on the sun beds offered by the picturesque canteen operating there. Finally worth noting that provides enough parking space for your car.

Nautilus beach

In order to visit Nautilus beach there are two ways. One is just outside the entrance to the camp to take the path that goes right (asphalt) and meet the beach located just to the right of the camp where there is room for several cars. The other way is to get into camping and follow the left (straight almost) alley where after a while you will see a sign that says “Guest Parking” and then get off to walk on the beach somewhere 150-200 m. distance. Here you will find a beach bar, space for beach volley, sun beds – umbrellas to rent and a café restaurant just above, or you can hang out in the shade of tall trees on the stone benches. The beach is with pebbles and small stones.

The beach also offers the opportunity to practice various water sports. It is possible to visit it by car which leaves a parking lot above the beach and get down to it by suitable shaped path. Once the parkland will be enchanted by the beautiful landscape. Next to this there are other organized beaches where you go or trails or by boat as some of them are inaccessible.

Mikri Ammos Beach in Sivota

The beach Mikri Ammos is a small, picturesque and refreshing beach. It is specific and organized as it has bars and dining, and entertainment of many young people there is manifest.

The water is crystal clear and the beach consists of fine and coarse pebbles. Also you can find sun beds, umbrellas and parking with plenty of space.

Mikri Ammos much preferred by the youth as they often organized parties with loud music! The entertainment often lasts until the wee hours!

Mega Ammos Beach in Sivota

The Mega Ammos Beach is a beautiful beach with pebbles and turquoise waters cool. It is picturesque and so organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, and with bars and taverns.

You will find it by going to Sivota before the beach Mikri Ammos. It is full of life from the beginning of the season until the end. Gathering both youth and families with children!

In any case worth a visit!

Beach Pool in Sivota

The beach pool is one of the most famous beaches in Sivota. Not accidentally, the choice of the name. It is worth a visit, but only by boat or boat where is opposite Sivota on an island, this St. – Nicholas.

The waters are clear, turquoise and one feels that it is a “pool of nature.” Daily visited by dozens of tourists and locals from Syvota and other beaches, and is an idyllic landscape. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy a swim in a unique setting reminiscent of exotic places.

Finally it is no coincidence that it has been selected by many travel magazines as a means of highlighting the beauty of the region!

Gallikos Molos Beach in Sivota

Head Sivota you will find a beautiful beach with pebbles and sand. This is the Gallikos Molos Beach. Considered warm, has a coffee shop or eat , for so many visitors is a top choice. The beach consists of tall and big pebbles and the water is crystal clear! Also offers sun loungers and panoramic view to the islands of Sivota.

In any case worth a visit!


Karavostasi Beach in Perdika

The Karavostasi beach is a very long beach with white sand and clear blue cool water that deepens abruptly, so it is preferred mainly from adults. It is no coincidence that many equate Partridge with the image of this beach. It has amazing scenery and so it has been selected several times for film and ad shooting.

Karavostasi sun loungers to relax, coffee, food or snacks in restaurants in the area. Also, you can rent for your fun water canoeing, pedal boats, etc.

Finally, your beach access is easy and undoubtedly has a lot of space to park.

Agia Paraskevi Beach in Perdika

The beach Agia Paraskevi is a beautiful beach with pebbles and gravel in the middle of a lush landscape literally, since opposite is a green island. Of course one can visit swimming. Rarely has wave and the beginning of the beach is the chapel of Saint-Friday.

It is very organized with several beach-bars, where you can enjoy a snack, drink or coffee.

Note that going to Agia Paraskevi will find a smaller beach, Kamini. It is a picturesque, pretty cool, clean and rocky beach. There you will find restaurants with fresh fish, and sunbeds with full service.

Arilla Beach in Perdika

The beach Arillas (Arillas) is a sheltered beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters. It is ideal and preferred for families with children, since it is very shallow. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, which is reinforced by the existence of a port for boats, where many visitors stop and enjoy the beach.

In this beach you will find sun beds with full service (coffee, snacks, water toys), as well as various restaurants with fresh fish. Clearly one easily reaches the beach is very accessible and has parking space.

Finally is given the opportunity to rent a boat to visit the neighboring beaches.

Drepanos Beach in Igoumenitsa Thesprotias

Drepanos is the nearest beach in Igoumenitsa and is preferred by many locals and tourists during the summer! It is very large, about 4 km, sandy and shallow beach with clear water. It starts from the homonymous campsite located at the beginning and ends in Makrigialos at the other side! Along the beach you will find many restaurants for lunch and drinks and seaside club for young people! Also in many places is offered the possibility to rent chairs and umbrellas! Finally it should be mentioned that the parking space is unlimited!

Pargas Beaches

For swimming … or diving, Parga offers several good options. The central beach of Parga is Kryoneri, located just a few meters away from the pier and the center, is a small, clean beach with sand and pebbles. Shortly following is quiet (even in high season) sand back Kryoneri. The most famous beach is arguably Valtos. To the west of the city, about 10minute walk from the center and behind the castle, the bustling beach has facilities for water sports and gathers the majority of people, both juveniles and families. Follow the narrow path that starts from the castle.